DolIy Parton's Imagination Library

Dolly Partons imagination library

All babies born in 2022 or 2023 and living in the Kempsey Shire are eligible for the Imagination Library, where they'll receive one book every month delivered free of charge for the first 5 years of their life. 

What is the Imagination Library?

The program is designed to encourage regular reading from birth and encourage lifelong literacy. A book is delivered monthly until the child is 5 years old and are free to keep. Books are selected by experts to ensure they are age appropriate and there's a different book sent every month. 

The first 2000 days of life is a critical time for physical, cognitive, social and emotional health. What happens in the first 2000 days has been shown to have an impact throughout life.

Is my baby eligible?

All children born from 1 January 2022, whose permanent residence is in Kempsey Shire, are eligible to be enrolled in the program, regardless of where they are born.

How do I enrol my baby?

If your baby was born locally at Kempsey District Hospital, Child and Family Health nurses will offer to enrol your baby and drop off your baby's first book on their initial home visit. 

If your baby was born somewhere else but lives locally you can enrol by contacting Melanie Webb at Kempsey Shire Libraries on 6566 3210 or email